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Creative Improv for Member Retention and Board Development

  • 08 Sep 2021
  • 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Virtual

Creative Improv for Member Retention and Board Development

What You Will Learn

  • Identify the principles of improvisation
  • Contrast the difference between divergent thinking and convergent thinking
  • Implement the divergent thinking process
  • Implement the convergent thinking process


Non-Profit Board of Directors should rethink how they come up with new ideas for their organizations. During brainstorming sessions, we criticize while we are trying to create, which is the wrong approach. Phrases like "we can do that," "we have tried that before, and it didn't work," or "we don't have the resources to pull that off" kill the creative process.

The cure is to break the brainstorming process into two parts: divergent thinking and convergent thinking. Divergent thinking is the accumulation of all ideas without dialogue or critique—quantity over quality. Convergent thinking is assessing the ideas to see which one could be viable. This breaking apart the traditional brainstorming method is accomplished by adopting an improviser's mindset.

An improviser's mindset during the divergent thinking process is to agree and add to the idea. This is achieved by responding Yes! And, not No Because or Yes But. It is also by creating an environment that accepts all ideas without scrutiny, especially bad ideas. In improv, we say, "bad ideas are bridges its good ideas and no ideas lead to nothing.

This session with show you how to use the divergent thinking process to get the maximum number of ideas. Also, learn how this same process works during the convergent thinking process.


Peter Margaritas, CSP, C.P.A.

Peter Margaritis, CSP, C.P.A. is a virtual and in-person speaker, improv virtuoso, podcaster, and the author of “Improv Is No Joke: Using Improvisation to Create Positive Results in Leadership and in Life” and “Taking The Numb Out of Numbers: Explaining and Presenting Financial Information with Confidence and Clarity.” Peter has a master’s degree in Accountancy from Case Western Reserve University, and he is a licensed, non-practicing, CPA in Ohio. Peter has worked for companies such as Price Waterhouse, Victoria’s Secret Catalogue (not as a model), and Ohio Dominican University. Peter has earned the highest credential of Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) from the National Speakers Association and he is one of only 53 CSPs & CPAs in the Association. Peter is a past chairman of the Ohio Society of CPAs executive board and is a past president of the NSA Ohio chapter.

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